Yesterday I started with painting the Thug's recently rebuilt transmission. I sprayed it with a can of Krylon in Burgundy, waited and hour and hit it with another full can. The car was painted a Burgundy and Silver and I have been painting the transmissions the color of the car to keep track of them.

While the paint was drying I had the Shop Rat take a hoe to the Shop's Flower Beds to weed and turn mulch, and I hopped on the Zero Turn and mowed my five acres and the five acres of the 90+ year old lady next door.

Mulch looks a ton better weeded and turned over

a look at the portion of my five acres mowed

The Old Lady Next door's pasture is starting to look better now that I mow for her weekly

After Mowing, I painted a rebuilt Street/Strip that was in a green Demon with 451 I owned years ago. My brother now has the Demon and is putting a Modern Hemi and 8-speed into.

I might someday put this in my Bīg Block Magnum when I get around to converting to floor shift
Finally, I had the Shop Rat detail the 2014 F150 that my youngest daughter was driving. I put her into a nice Crossover to go off to college with.I know it s a Ford, but I needed a half ton for a commuter truck, so I can retire my 13-year-old one ton to towing duties only. I'd prefer a Ram, but I stole this fairly loaded truck and its pretty nice.