Had a lot of things going this week.

My youngest son (Justin) and my grandson (Rusty) live about 300 miles away - in Fort Worth area. he served four years active duty in Air Force and is now in the Reserves out of Lackland. He was going to school, but was having problems making ends meet - and was tapping his trust pretty hard. He's now looking for a job. I offered to pay him to come down every other week and work at the shop while he's looking. I have a lot of yard work needing to get done, cars to wash and wax, and a fence needing painting. He gets to earn some money through hard work, learns a little about tools and home maintenance, and we get to spend time with our grandson. This was his first week, and I worked his ass off. It was dragging this fifth day.

This week I had him pull weeds, trim bushes, wash the A100 pick up & Plodge I'm selling, stain the wood patio furniture, and help me build a playground to keep Rusty busy when Justin is down here, and my other grandkids entertained when they come to the shop. It taught Justin how to be a little more handy and use power tools.

Also, the Air Compressor Shed was finished.

I'll be finishing getting compressed air in the shop next week.

Built and stained a tall workbench

On Wednesday night we attended a Sports Banquet at my daughter's High School. The fourth and last. She played four sports. Coaches voted her MVP in Volleyball and Coach's Award in Basketball. Also an honorable mention for cross country for competing injured. A coach told my wife that she just missed out being Athlete of year, but that went to a boy. I posted videos on Facebook if you're a Facebook friend of Ty Kuhn - my throwdown personality.

Also during the week i negotiated trading in my coach on a new one, and had to empty it out. I'll swap next Saturday as next week will be busy with Hope's graduation.

So that's my week at the shop this week.