Friday started out with Damon Kuhn (Fugly) and Doug Watkins (Trannyman) passing by the Flying J at 10:30am and me jumping in line. Dave Ardoin (GTS Dave) is usually part of the convoy, but stayed behind this race for a funeral. The drive to Denton (315 miles) was pretty much uneventful. Regular stop at Whataburger in Waco for late lunch and Alvarado for diesel. I learned that the fuel sending unit on my 13-year-old truck is crapping out and have to use odometer until I replace.

Got to the track at 5:00, and the line was all of the way out onto the highway, and around the blind curve going around the bridge, until the gates opened at 6. We manage to get six pits together against the track fence and a couple just across. I took the below video at about 6:30.

At about 7:30pm i go up for my first time trial, with apprehension since everything is breaking. We waited for over an hour as a bunch of "Pro Nostalgia Thug" cars had to be pushed up with crews of twenty, make single passes, do John Force burnouts and slowly back up, etc. You'd think they were Top Fuel Funny Cars based on the ten minutes to make a pass, and twenty minutes to drag up their oil.

So about 8:30 Doug and I line up for burn outs, and when I did mine is sounded and felt like my freshly rebuilt transmission blew up. I jumped out and there was no liquid on ground - but a single U Joint Cap laying under car. I got pushed back into the corner and waited for Doug and Kent (Doc) to come in Doc's golf cart to tow me back. See below video for "Tow of Shame".

We didn't get far before I stopped them so we could get tools to take drive shaft off before anymore damage occurred. It was then we discovered the Tailshaft housing was broken. I changed the tailshaft yoke last week, and I'm guessing I might have not seated one of the inside U-Joints clips right. I'm having some close up vision problems, most likely requiring lens replacement surgery (whenever the government allows me to have Health Insurance again) - so I'll assume that was what happened - although I did double check with a light. Also possible is that I was solid mounted at both tailshaft and engine. I'll replace with a rubber trans mount.

The plea on Facebook went out for a tailshaft housing, which (in middle of night or morning) Scott and Kathy Cloevris answered, as did Mark Artis answer Damon's plea and Vic Corbit answer Tony Smith's plea. We left track at midnight and I was in bed at 1am. At 6am I was up and by 7am I was having coffee in hotel's breakfast area while making calls to line up 7290 & 1350 U-Joints, ball joint tool, tailshaft gasket and rear seal and other items. Mark Youngblood at First Call at O'Reillys (I have a commercial account) in Denton went above and beyond and had all parts and tool transferred to his store by 10:30. They came in as we arrived at the store with driveshaft. We (mostly Damon) replaced front and rear U-Joints on tailgate of Doug's truck.

There is a small groove around the driveshaft about 6" in back of yoke that necessitates that I replace it when I get home, but I felt it was safe enough for this race with my small 440 motor and 1/8 mile speeds for this one race.

Back at the track I jacked up car, supported trans with jack, removed the trans cross member, and unbolted the tail shaft housing while Doug and Damon unloaded their cars. Doug loosened tail shaft clip; and he and I removed driveshaft loop while Damon and Tony installed a freeze plug and rear seal in Vic's tail shaft. Damon and Doug got tailshaft out while I manned the jack and checked firewall clearances. I cleaned up tailshaft and Doug and I put on, reattached the crossmember and driveshaft loop. It was then that Doug noticed that the output shaft was bent as he rotated it in housing.

So while it was a valiant effort with the help of all f those named (why I love the NSS class) - my race was again done before it started. Since I can't blame anyone (like an engine builder for using cheap rods on one engine, and cheap rod bolts in the other engine) or no loctite on converter bolts - I'll take the blame for either not getting one of the inside U Joint clips on right and/or allowing the solid mounted engine and transmission to continue.

I loaded up and left track at 3PM, arrived at race shop at 10:30 & and was home at 11:30.

Damon redlit first round
Doug Redlit second
Finals had Ronne Smith and Gary Powers, with Ronnie winning his second of two races so far this year.