Wednesday and Thursday saw new valve covers and gaskets on Vitamin C to stop the leaking, and replacing the accelerator cable and bracket from Lokar to stock.

The driver's front tire was soft on my truck, so I took it to my old softball bud (I played on Discount Tires softball team for over ten years 95-07) and found there was a pinhole leak in wheel. Put the two month old tire on spare rim (as tire was 13 years old) and ordered a new wheel and tire, which came in and was put on next day.

I had a small electrical fire on winch from short when I unloaded car after Oklahoma. I replaced the burnt up wire, added a battery cutoff switch, and added a wireless remote.

Cleaned up the trailer

Washed, vacuumed, and cleaned glass on Vitamin C; and loaded up

and washed truck and trailer. Ready to go. I'll meet Damon and Doug Watkins at Flying J in about an hour and half. GTS Dave has a personal situation tht keeps him from going to this race.

Preliminary head count has about ten to twelve NSS cars