I had an electrical problem that cut power to motorhome, draining all house (8) and chassis (2) batteries - and spoiling all food in freezer. After fixing power to motorhome, had to disconnect chassis (because they're hooked up for 24 volts) and charge so I could start motorhome, so the alternator would charge the house batteries enough to have the electric control panel switch to the power coming into the coach.

Shop Rat detailed the Allante, but battery was so dead that the jumper couldn't jump and chargers wouldn't charge until I hooked both to car, to confuse charger into charging, instead of giving error), and disconnect jumper when battery got to 9 volts. I wanted to take home, but the trunk pull own motor that was replaced last month int working.

Spent about three hours sanding and polishing headlight doors on Magnum GT, as I'm getting reading to sell.

Because of how bad the headlights doors were, I had to do some pretty aggressive sanding compared to the "Kits" you buy over the counter. I have the full step by step details (with photos) at: http://www.moparstyle.com/forums/for...num-headlights