So Monday I came to shop to start dealing with transmission and Valve cover leaks. The transmission leak was at the end plug on the yoke. I had another yoke, so I popped off the yoke on driveshaft and popped the new one on after a visit to parts washer.

I then washed the old one and and skimmed the plug with JB Weld Steel.

I then put some thick cork gaskets and spreaders on the Valve Covers with a smear clear RTV. I don't know if that will work, so I ordered another set f valve covers.

I was going to take it for a ride but found the battery cutoff was left on all week, so I put a charger on the car and mowed my five acres.

While I was doing that, my shop rat washed and waxed the Magnum GT that I'll be selling. The battery was dead, and from 2009, so I ran to get a new one. While he was putting it in the Magnum GT, I took the Vitamin C for about a three mile ride that included a couple runs up to 5500 RPM. I parked it to let it sit overnight on a clean floor, and I'll check for leaks in the morning.

I then pulled the Magnum GT into the shop so I can buff clear and sell.