Catching up from last week.... Wednesday we got the Grand National back running after îts ride of shame on a roll back the week before (see blog post last week),and I've been driving it as my driver since.

To recap, the car acted as if it had run out of gas, but had a quarter of a tank of gas. Putting a meter on the Throttle Positioning Sensor, it was acting erratic, so we replaced. That didn't help when I took down the street. I located the fuel filter, hidden by the e-brake bracket on the frame loop of drivers side wheel well. It looked like it might have been there since new in 1986 (39,000 miles). When that was unfastened, dirty black gas poured out of it. After replacing, we couldn't get the car started. Pushing the relief valve up front, we got nothing but air. My bud felt like the fuel pump needed to be replaced, but on a hunch I tapped on the tank with a wrench and ît sounded empty. I went and got five gallons of 93 octane, I poured it in and the car started right up. I drove to the gas station to put another 13 gallons in the car. So the problem was a bad sending unit showing 1/4 tank when dry. That said, the TPS was going and the fuel filter needed changing. As I mentioned before, I've been driving since. It has a little pinging going on when you hammer it, and a little hiccup at over 100mph that I need to look into. Also fixed the boost gauge, and doing that another cracked 7/32 vacuum line was found. Finally replaced passenger side window motor, which was getting slower and occassionally needed help.

Fixed the trailer running lights on my truck (fuse) and one of the reverse lights (connection). Also on my truck, last month I punched the horn button on steering wheel when some idiot pissed me off. The horn wouldn't shut off. I pulled into a parking lot and threw open hood to unplug the horns. I couldn't reach it as it is covered by the splash guard in passenger wheel well. I looked for relay, and found its sealed in security system, I finally located the fuse, but by then the horns were about dead. I found a replacement bladder switch on ebay and bought. After installing wasn't getting 12v at horns when pressed. Took bladder switch back out and found a solder shorting. Fixed and reinstalled. Ordered a pair of horns from O'Reillys and installed. One sounded weak and other didn't work at all. I went to Ford dealer and got the official High and Low note pair. Now I have trailer lights, a horn, and both reverse lights on my twelve year old truck.

Pressure washed the Zero turn, changed oil/filter, and adjusted steering motors.

Took the Vitamin C for ride and discovered a transmissíon leak from trans yoke, and an oil leak from Driver's valve cover.

It was late so that was going to have to wait until Monday, as my youngest daughter is graduating high school, and Thursday and Friday had me going to Awards ceremony, Senior Breakfast and Senior dinner.