Again Wednesdays is when I pay a racing bud who is also a very good automotive Technician to help me with the cars. I have race cars with troubles and street cars and trucks I need to get running to drive or sell.

He spent Wednesday Pulling the transmission out of the Vitamin C and put the Whale's transmission in.

While he was doing that, I tore down the Mega Block Engine that was in the Vitamin C. Pix Below.

All Pistons rock freely on their wrist pins, none of the rod bolts backed out, both rod bolts were bent, and there was no bluing from lack of oil. Based on the fact that the broken ends in the rod cap of #6 weren't backed out - they didn't loosed. Based on both rod bolts were bent - the rod broke before the bolts. There was no reason for those lightweight rods to have been in an engine that dyno'd at 900hp.

#6 Took out #5 and both hosed their shared journal on the crank. #5 & #6 cylinders need to be sleeved, and there also appears to be a crack in #1. I'll most likely sleeve all eight if a fourth cylinder is also in need. I'm hoping the crank can get reground for .020 under bearings. I haven't yet identified the piston's brand. I'll clean up and press out wrist pins next week. If JE, Diamond, or Probe I'll order another 2. If SRP or worst, I'll get a new set. I'll obviously get a new set of the Manley rods and sell the 6 remaining Eagles. The cam has a small score on #6's lobes, and can be reground to something less than a 600+ lift - so I'll sell for $50. The roller rockers are due to be replaced. Heads look fine, but we'll give the rockers and valve tis a close inspection.

Thursday I put thevcaps back on block, and took it and crank to machine shop. I then drove to Beeline in Brookshire for Oil Change on my truck.

Today was Senior Breakfast (7Am until 10:30 in Houston) for Hope, and tonight is her Prom. It is also Deb's and my 38th anniversary - so I stayed home and making dinner instead of going to shop.