So yesterday, I unloaded the Vitamin C after Friday's "Day of Fun". (Read Friday's entry if interested in details) For some reason the factory ground on the 12,000 winch, between the controller and motor caught fire. Obviously there is a positive short, but not apparent until I disassemble the motor, after taking off winch plate.

When I put in Park and unstrapped, the car rolled away - so Friday night wasn't a fluke. I got in and started - but the car had no Park or reverse, so I had to push up back a 40' slight incline and over a regrettable high lip that keeps the shops dry. I about shot a nut doing that.

For rest and relaxation I mowed my and the old lady next door's properties, five acres each. While mowing close to the pond on my zero turn, the left steering linkage fell off the hydrostatic clutch and the mower went a foot into the pond before i shut off. I'm getting good at shutting shit off when they start to blow up. I slipped it back on and drove back to shop to tighten. After burning my hands to get the steel linkage clamp tightened (obviously pit on early in the built as everything is in the was and of the tens of thousands of tools I must have, none reach that area real well to adjust, tighten or disassemble all of the linkage and to get the many pieces out..) I don't know why it took 90 hours to fall off, as it was a tight and completely closed, yet could be slipped onto clutch. I took all of the bolts and fittings off the clamp, and used a chop saw to cut a 1/16" larger gap to clamp tighter, and then reassembled it all to finish mowing.

Believe it or not, that plus a few other small jobs took up my whole day.

Today is Tuesday, and I stayed home to catch up on computer work and financial crap - as we were to celebrate my Mother's 82nd birthday at a restaurant tonight - and I wouldn't have enough time to go to shop, home to shower, and then to Houston for party. Party just now cancelled because of rain! Not just a fun job being me!