So on Saturday after a couple hour nap, I took the truck/trailer/Vitamin C and the Schnauzers to my shop, before all of the snooty neighbors called the Association about the White Trash Racer clogging the street. My house is about 30 miles from the shop.

I figured I'd just drop it off and unload Monday as my ass was dragging. I have a pair of 2009 6-speed Challengers, a 78 Little Red Express, a 78 Magnum, and an 86 Grand National that I rotate as my daily drivers, along with my twelve year old truck. My wife and kids drive the new stuff. I decided to drive the 33,000 mile Grand National for the weekend. On the way home I was on the phone with the guy transporting the 70 Cyclone GT I sold, when the car stalled at a stop sign. It started right up and ran well, but stalled again at the next light. Again it started and ran well. I'm figuring an idle adjustment might be needed, although I've had the car since 1999 and it has always run great. I've raced in on occassion as there have been quite a few performance upgrades.

About 2 miles down the road, all of a sudden I got no throttle response (or I should say it felt like there was a full choke on) and the car finally stalled. I was going about 70 so I put in neutral and coasted about a mile on the shoulder until I could turn off the highway. The car would start but sputter when I gave it gas.

The Schnauzers were unimpressed.

I had to call a rollback Wrecker for the expensive ride of shame back to the shop.

We unloaded the car at the shop. I'm hoping it might be the EPROM chip has some contact corrosion, and that contact cleaner on its legs and in socket will fix. I know, I'm optimistic! Anyway I jumped into the SRT8 and drove home. The puppies slept!

On the way home Trannyman (Doug Watkins) texted me that it was decided in Oklahoma that my name shall now frever be Calamity Dave.