I paid a racing Bud for help on Tuesday and Wednesday, so we were working on both cars at same time. While we were finishing up on buttoning up the engine in Vitamin C, and tuning (had a few curves thrown at us) - we were also working on yanking motor and transmission from Whale after the motor windowed in Atlanta. Read that blog entry for more information.

With the engine out, we found both sides of the block windowed.

A little history. Indy Cylinder Heads built this engine from scratch a couple of years ago for about $24,000. It dyno'd in the 890s for hp. On the first pass it felt tight and slow we called Indy. Since the oil pressure was good they said run it. We made one more pass that day. The next morning Dallas warmed the car up for Qualifying, and the motor locked up. The race was a waste and we drove from Maryland to a friend's house in Indiana to pull engine and take to Indy. We found Rod bearing 6 had spun. Russ told us to go to breakfast while they tore apart. We returned a couple of hours later and Russ was blaming us for everything from timing, to octane, to not having an oil accumulator. He was a total asshole and finally agreed to reassemble but I'd have to buy the parts (crank was hosed) - which came to over a couple grand. The car then had about 100 passes over next two years then sent back to Indy to freshen. I had about ten passes on that freshen up and dyno - which I want to say was around $5000.

After pulling the pan, we discovered two problems that appear to have caused this. The wrist pin retainer was missing (from end of wrist pin and not yet found in engine) and we could see where the wrist pin was coming out of piston and gouging into cylinder before the piston and rod went their separate ways.

However, the cheapest series of the three levels of ARP rod bolt was used in this build, which is pretty shocking for us to find on a 900hp motor. The same rod that was missing the piston and beating both sides of the block out, had a broken rod bolt that wasn't bent and a broken rod bolt that was bent. The non bent bolt was broken right in the middle and based on the grain at the break, appears to have been over torqued/stretched. I guess one could have cased the other - or a piston and rod could have been installed without a wrist pin retainer AND the cheap assed rod bolts over torqued. I'm not sure we'll ever know exactly what happened first. Obviously the block and crank are trashed, along with the oil pan and at least three rods and a piston This is the four low run failure on builds Indy did for me in the two year period I'd used them. I still have an untested engine since they had freshened which had failed before the last freshed on the sixth pass. Obviously I don't have much confidence on how this will turn out. I have spent well over $100,000 with Indy, and have never ever been treated worst by a vendor.

I'm planning to completely tear down both of the low run motor failures that Indy did the work on over the next couple of days - and post photos.