I spent Monday and Tuesday mostly continuing to reorganize the shop.

Tuesday I interviewed a new shop rat. I'm tired of freeloading teenagers, and went with a 61-year-old to wash cars, weedeat, and other work I'd rather turn over to someone else so I can focus on more important crap at shop. Sadly, most of us in our sixties are stronger than toothpick armed entitled snowflakes, plus we work harder and do a better job.

So Wednesday is Thrash day where I pay a racing bud to come and help. Between he, I and the new shop, rat - we got a lot done.

On the Street Rod, got the seats in so it can go to interior shop for new interior in red and black. Got started on braces and templates for the trunk panels that can be covered to match the interior.

New Starter motor on lawn tractor - that had a busted shaft

Assembled a new parts washer

On the Vitamin C's engine vibration, number 6 plug was found to be broken. A new one installed and engine vibrated still. Compression check showed no compression in 6. When intake was removed it looked like the bar from lifters were bottoming out on block and that maybe the flutter caused bent valves.

and while the block or bars need to be clearanced, removing the head has it lookkng like something got sucked in and tagged the exhaust valve and plug before exiting the exhaust. Piston looks good so hopefully I'm just out a couple valves, machine work, gaset and dīsassemble/reassemble time/labor.

Did a lot of trimming and checking of the Whale's air pan foam with hot knife and whacked 6.5" off front to make the hood close.

Did a lot shop reorganizing and replaced exterior hot water heater compartment frame and door on my toyhauler. Picked up my truck from having a new bed liner sprayed on.