I was only at the shop for three ten hour days this week, as I had doctor appointments and was gathering and printing tax crap to go to my accountant. Wednesday I pay a racing bud to come over and help.
  • Trunk pull down motor on my Allante replaced and adjusted
  • Vitamin C Converted to Single 16v from dual 12v, with step down resistor for lights. It took some cable changes. Also rewired headlights.
  • Fixed a couple of minor Safety Issues on Vitamin C.
  • Located the short that burned up the negative cables. It was lack of a lock washer on the battery cut off that allowed the positive connected to a pair of 16v batteries to vibrate down and touch the mount it was on. The single 2ga negative cable was replaced with a pair of cables, as I could only find 4ga long enough. All connections inspected and more insulations precautions taken to ensure no wire could get chaffed or come close to short.
The Vitamin C was put on the lift to inspect nuts and bolts on underside, and the lift got a bind from too much weight rearward and too little grease on lift sliders. It cost me $350 to get car down in one piece.

After getting the car off the lift, it was taken out for a test blast to check front end alignment and it caught a terrible vibration when shifted to 3rd. Shut car down and we towed back to shop. Engine turns over smooth without fire, so we suspect converter or transmission. We'll pull next Wednesday and inspect.

The slicks were worn out in center, so I ordered new slicks for whale and will put Whale's on Vitamin C and new on Whale.

Thursday I started rearranged the shop to move Snapon from in front of lift (to pull cars more forward on lift) and get as much stuff off of the floor and on the walls. I took a break after a couple of hours to mow my five acres.

I left a little area to be my annual Spring Texas Wildflower Meadow.

The lady next door is 94-years old. Up until last year, she'd put her little bonnet on and mow her five acres over a couple of days on a 25-year-old lawn tractor. She's lived there since 1946 and picked cotton from the time she was three through the 1950s. Early last year she had a couple of falls, can't mow her yard anymore, and her garden, which was once beautiful has turned to shit. She has kids my age and older, and tons of grandchildren in their 20s and 30s. - but instead of helping her with yard work they are trying to get her to move. She's a tough old bird and wants to die in her own home.

Anyway, I started mowing her yard over a year ago. You'd think it would be good karma - but I've had two flats and broke two blades mowing her yard. I tried to mow her yard last week and got stuck in the mud. I'd been racing the two weeks prior and her yard was looking like the Ho Chi Min Trail. I didn't get 50' before bending a blade on a piece of cast iron in the grass - so I had to return to shop.

It was getting late and I wasn't planning on changing the blade that day, and so I returned to rearranging my shop. About an hour into that I decided I really needed to change the blade as it was suppose to rain this weekend, and it might be too muddy next week to mow. The bolt wouldn't come off with the impact, and I had to use a torch. While I let the bolt cool, I went back to rearranging the shop enough that the after school kid could sweep and mop tonight.

I still have to sort and put away all of the crap I put on the red carts, and build a work bench where they're currently at on Monday and Tuesday.

So with that done, I put a new blade on the Zero Turn and headed back to Miss Levonne's to mow for her. She frets about her yard looking so bad, but also frets that I have to do it for her when her relatives won't - so I tell her I love to mow and want to set an example for my kids to help the elderly. You can see how bad it gets after a lot of rain and then three weeks of sun.

Got home late, showered, ate dinner, and went to bed early.