Wednesdays are thrash day, when I pay a good mechanic friend to come over and we get a lot done. No photos today, but by end of day:
  • Mowed five acres
  • Vitamin C starting issue resolved, starter relay
  • Rake out deep ruts caused by motorhome being stucked
  • Whale's oil drained, System One filter inspected (some silver, no gold), oil line repaired, car started - plenty oil pressure
  • Sprayed 12 gallons of weed killer on fenceline, beds, and driveway edge
  • Aligned Front End of Vitamin C as it was towed out 1/2"
  • Rebuilt carb on toy hauler's generator, dropped gas tank and fixed fuel line, and started. Still not running right
  • Pulled trunk pull down motor on Allante and order new one
  • Pulled White 60 Plymouth out of garage (someone coming from Florida to look at today) and moved 6 shelves in its place from race shop so I can get a couple of work benches in
a little cleaning up. Didn't get home until 8:30