Friday left at 6 am and arrived at track in Memphis at 5PM. Took both Whale and Vitamin C with me as neither had been tested. Paid $150 for two days of racing, instead of $75 each day. Big mistake as track would ultimately screw me out of $75 on Sunday Rainout. $75 won't kill me, but principle, so they'll never see another penny from me. Racers beware of the type of people running that operation.

Saturday decided to race Vitamin C. Teched in car and ran two qualifying. Had terrible lights in both with .063 & .093. Red lit in first round when I bumped in too far to compensate. Bad plan. Gabe Ray and I had a long conversation. He's good people with his head screwed on straight.

Sunday was rained out. Took me many hours in rain to get the Whale off the lift because header stuck on lift molding. I'd put it on lift at track so I could get Vitamin C in and out - but can't travel with Whale up there. Left the track many hours after last person - soaking wet. As I mentioned, the Memphis track screwed me out of my $75. Left track at about 3PM and took shortcut from Memphis to Bradenton via Mississippi and Alabama. Ran into a lot of traffic in Birmingham, so pulled into a Walmart for the night.

Monday, up at 4 am and reached Bradenton at 5PM. Parked at top of track and went out for burgers and beer with Doug, Anne, and DiChicco.

Tuesday we pitted. Met with fellow Texan and Pro Stock Champion Erica Enders Stevens, who is my favorite Pro Stock Racer. Buster helps me meet the most interesting people. She fell in love with Buster.

Wednesday nine of us split renting a lane for $200 each. I tested the Whale. On the second pass I saw my oil pressure drop to 75 at end of run after lifting, then to 50, and as I braked 25 and finally to zero as turning the corner. I had my finger on shut off by then and hit it as soon as I saw zero. Towed back to pits and discovered a good leak from pickup to pump hose. Don't think I hurt the engine, but I want to fix hose, check System One Filter, add oil, pull distributor and spin up pump before starting. I pulled out Vitamin C and made Five hits with that to dial onto the 10.0 index. Fired up a steak for dinner.

Thursday paid membership, established Credentials, tech'd in Vitamin C, put Whale on lift and did some clean up in the pits. I could have tested for $25, but weather was identical to Wednesday and I had the car dead nuts on. Doug and Anne had a little soiree at their Crib.

Friday had two Time Trials and a Qualifying. I did a 10.016 which was good for six out of 20. My best friend in 7th-9th grade lives in Palmetto and stopped by for a couple hours. We'd not seen each other in 47 years. Our lives took very different paths after I'd moved away. There was a pizza and beer party for NSS and NMC drivers, so we caught up there.

Saturday morning I qualified with a 10.002 - only good for 3rd. Tough Crowd! In last Qualifying I was bumped to 4th when someone got a 10.500 and I couldn't better my right on with a 2.

Sunday we lost and hour and racing started early. I initially couldn't get the starter to engage. I put a switch on the relay and it turned over, then would turn over with switchbox in car. I turned the Stupid light on against Mike Davis. On way back to pits the car just shut off. When I hit the starter it acted like the engine was locked. I couldn't put a breaker bar on because I have a vacuum pump on car. Doug Duell was a big help with helping me push cars into stacker and strap down Saved me an hour with his help. I left track at noon and drove to First Alabama Rest area for a short nap. A lot of rain and big traffic jam by Ocala that slowed me down. At least my bestest racing bud, and fellow Thug Doug Duell won. Bailey on the other side of me in pits won Stock. I feel like monkey in the middle.

Monday I was up at 4am and back at shop in early afternoon. Unloaded cars and golf cart. Got Vitamin C Started, although it made a nasty noise the first crank. Need to check converter and starter gears. Pushed Whale into Shop. As I was backing rig into parking, it got stuck in a low spot in the bottom ash. I was able to lay boards under the stacker's jack and slowly pull back far enough to get the bucket of my 4x4 tractor under hitch and park. Tried to pull the motorhome out with tractor, but only did tractor wheelies instead. Fixin to head to shop with my 4x4 F350.

It is weeks like this I want to look up and scream "Is that all you've got?"