Yesterday I finished the plumbing and wiring in the rear of The Whale. Filled it with race gas and started. Nothing caught fire - so I might have done it right.

I have it set up to where I can pull the front battery in five minutes if I need to.

Made a rear bracket for Air Pan. The foam is too tall and the Hood's fiberglass is too weak to close hood. I ordered a hot knife to fix when I get back from these races.

While making the first attempt at bracket (out of steel), my chop saw blew up. I was fortunate to not get impaled.

My mechanic friend was fixing two of my 78-79 Mopars with broken wiper transmissions. You can't get a replacement anywhere, and so someone repopped the plastic clamshell cam that you press in the linkage. The problem is that the wipers won't park and go down too far onto bottom trim when operating. Half of the clam shell is cammed wrong, when compared to the original blue ones pulled off the car. The dotted lines are where the original are cammed. He used that topmhalf of the original with the bottom half (that gets pressed into the linkage) to make work. Problem is that I'm missing that top half of the original for one car. If anyone has one from an old linkage they can let me have - I'd appreciate it. Sure also like to know the name and number of who repopped these to talk to them.

Got the Vitamin C loaded and on the lift. As I was winching, it sure looked like the right front was toe'd out a little. I loaded anyway, but can't race like that. Hoping I can get some help at the track to rough align. Frankly, this task is a little above my paygrade to do by myself.

Today I need to pack up, grocery shop, load Whale and Golf cart; and drop off my truck at body shop to have bumpers stripped and repainted, a couple scratches on right dally fender, and a new tailgate. I'll spend the night at the shop so I can leave early tomorrow for Memphis.