The only convenient place I could find in the stacker for the weight plates was on the bench. There was no room on the floor, and while I give up a little bench space - I don't have to bend over to pick up plates. I have one corner of the bench for small plates, and the other for bigger plates.

Drilled the holes through 1/4 plate to mount the battery holders for a pair of 16 volts. I got it all wired up today to be able to quickly take out a battery if needed by having all of the charging posts, ground and battery cut off going to rear battery. Had a little tool incident with the wrench and top plate. Have some burnt finger tips. I don't like the Top style posts so I ordered some screw in studs and different cables, which will be delivered Wednesday.

I had to leave early today to get two yards of Mulch for backyard. Did the front yard Friday. So,I'll finish up plumbing the fuel cell, changing fuel filters, wiring the pump, make a bracket to support air pan off firewall, and replace roll bar padding tomorrow. Wednesday I have a kid coming over to wash and wax the whale, wash the Vitamin C, vacuum them out, and polish the Lexan while while I mow the five acres. i also need to cut a 2" hole in staker wall and silicon in a grommet for a pass through for the weather station cable and install some pole clamps. By then the new battery studs and cables ought to be here, so I'll replace them and load the cars.