Yesterday started with me putting out some signs and banners I had made to welcome my new neighbors from the Muslim Mosque and Graveyard being built on the 77 acres across the road from me. I also moved everything back from when everything was moved out for and epic floor cleaning the kid did the night before.

Then I finished the weight system in the Whale cutting a couple of circles out of 1/2" high density/closed cell rubber to cushion the plates, and a new 6,000 pound hitch pin.

I spent the rest of the day driving to Wharton to pickup a potential live in caregiver for my Mother in law, once she gets out of the hospital. Brought her back to Beasley to show her around, and for Deb and I to have a talk with her. By the time I took her back and locked up shop, it was dinner time and so I took Deb to dinner.

Today I stopped off at old shop and picked up the hydraulic press to bring to new shop. At the shop I finished cleaning the shop and washed the golf cart, took everything out from the under compartments, shampooed the carpet, and then put it all back.

I washed the 10-year-old fuel cell, polished the aluminum hold down straps and reinstalled it and the push/pull battery cutoff. I also cut a 1 3/4" & 2" holes through the aluminum plate to route wires/cables through one and the fuel return and vent lines through the other. I ordered the plastic grommets for the holes and a new Coleman grill fr the motorhome.