Only worked five hours today. Retired life is wearing me out!

Drove Diplomat in rain storm. Was going to drop off in Richmond because it is ready to sell, but the wipers stopped working and the defroster isn't working so I drove out to Beasley instead, so I can fix.

Unloaded truck of engine, pneumatic cherry picker and tubs of stuff from Richmond - also in rain. Decided to not get car off trailer in rain, and cleaned my shop instead. Also cut out a piece of closed cell foam rubber just larger than a 45# weight and placed between car rear pan and the weights. I stopped all movement and rattling, but I think I'll cut out another for good measure. Funny how a 4' piece of 1/4" thick closed cell foam rubber is $40 - but a six foot piece of the same but 1/2" thick is only $6 when it's called a Yoga Mat - plus you can get any color you want.

Stopped at my buddies collision shop on way home for a quote to fix damage to truck from the boat yesterday, a scrape on side of fender and on a front bumper speckled with Rock chips. He'll strip both bumpers, reshape the back bumper, repaint black, pur a new plastic step on top, fix dent in fender from when I backed into a post a few years ago, and all of the scratches on the dually fenders for $1480 drive out. I'll get done next week

Stopped at Richmond shop to park the Magnum (I'd planned to swap the Diplomat for it last night but I was too tired, then this morning before realizing I needed to fix wiper & defroster) inside and get number of boat trailer manufacturer so I can order fender.

Retirement is going to kill me.