I started my work day heading the old race shop in Richmond where I still have about 1/3 of my car parts to sell upstairs (which I still don't have room for at my new and smaller shop until I sell half of what I have in a 16' x 16' x 16' shed and a pair of shipping containers) storage area; an office with office furniture I need to sell; two rooms of personal stuff from when I sold Stately Schultz Manor to my brother and my Lake House (which I need to go through and sell or use); the old engine assembly room (which I've move most of my stuff out of - but still have some benches, vices, and hardware); and the main garage area which I use to have a dozen cars in and a lot tools, but as of the morning had two cars of mine, a few tools, two cars of Dallas' and a boat and trailer of my brothers parked down the middle aisle blocking everything.

The goal of the day was to move my two cars that need work to new shop, park the boat in better location, move one of Dallas's cars to better location ans the parts to that car scattered around it, the slower Vitamin C engine and two Slant Sixes to new shop, bag up and throw out trash, sweep and mop floor, better park the boat and trailer where they can be moved in and out easily, and store two running cars ready for sale. I had a 19-year-old kid helping me.

So while kid was moving small Mustang parts into car and bigger into corner, bagging trash and sweeping; I moved boat and trailer outside, took Mustang off jackstands and put on skates, and loading a couple tubs of parts and the Slant Sixes into bed of my truck.

We then pushed the Marlin outside and winched onto open trailer. Took that load to Beasley and I unloaded Marlin and hooked charger to so I could get power windows up while kid went to lunch. When he returned we unloaded the motors, hooked trailer back up and put 58 Pick onto to park at old shop until
it sells.

So take the 58 to Richmond unload, push out Imperial and load, and I load the Vitamin C's spare engine in bed of truck while kid swept and mopped.

The Crisis! I pull truck back under boat and was getting out to drop down and couple - when my younger brother (well both still living are younger as I was eldest child) came back to talk. He'd just gôtten out after a week in hospital, and I wanted to talk - so I asked kid to lower trailer and couple. So minutes later I'm pulling the boat down a hill so I can back into garage and park - when the boat comes off and heads for pond,until I block with truck. A lot of damage to my truck, the trailer fender, hosed the seven blade connector, and a scuff on boat. Obviously the kid is stupid!

Took two hours to remove fender that was bound on tire, jack up trailer, get hooked to truck, put truck in 4L, and back boat into garage.

It was 8pm when I got back to shop, it was too dark, and I was too beat to unload - so I dropped trailer and back truck under awning and drove Diplomat home (70 miles).

I'm fixing to leave nw to park Diplomat at Richmond shop, take Magnum (left there) to Beasley, unload trailer, off load Imperial, clan up shop, meet with guy fixing motrhome heater, and getting two yards of mulch to do my yard tomorrow.