Day started out going to Beasley shop and hooking up Open Trailer, and the heading to the old shop in Richmond to move cars and engines. I loaded up my 4-speed Cyclone GT and a truck load of parts. my Brother ˘wns that shop and had people doing some work there, and it would appear one of them didn't like my car as the door was keyed. It s one of the cars I'll be selling after I go through and tune up. A lot of work was recently done on it.

Dropped it off and went back for the Magnum GT, the Thug's transmission, another spare Transmission (that I'll sell after my guy goes through it), and a core. I'll also be selling the Magnum after I fix brakes, a gas leak and clean up. All part of my trimming 31 vehicles to 10 effort.

Went back to one of the two remaining cars of mine, but had to move one of Dallas' cars that was on jack stands. The jack there didn't work, so I dropped trailer, loaded up Thug's 580ci motor and took it back to new shop.

going back in a few minutes with Jack, mop bucket and tubs to move a car, boat and trailer in the way, push both cars out, load up some tubs of parts, sweep and mop floor, take cars to Beasley, and park the boat and trailer in a better spot. Also parking a 58 Dodge pickup and 78 Diplomat Boat tail that are ready to sell there.