Exciting morning with tornados touching down every where.

I had the kid reinstall the toy hauler's 50 gallon gas tank, which I had him remove and clean out all of the bad gas fouling the carb in generator. Will disassemble and clean carb next week, if I've finished and laded the cars. I then got him started on degreasing and sanding the two post lift, so it can be painted.

I took off to Discount Tires, where I bought five new Vogue tires to be mounted on Hurst whees - to pimp out the Street Rod.

Put the trailer tires on my 18 year old open trailer when I got back to shop, stacked the Vogues (Need to put new lugs and a spacer on first), and put the old trailer wheels in one of my shipping containers.

I then had to deal with Rudy, the Aquahot Repairman - who is replacing all four pumps in my Motorhome's diesel heating system.

I then opened drilled 19/32" holes through 1/2" of steel plate in my olympic weight plate holder. also drilled a 1/2 hole 3/4 of way up 2" pipe, so a 1/2 hitch pin keep the plates on the pipe in case of a crash or rollover. Then drilled 1/2 holes through the 1/4 Aluminum plate, floor sheet metal and 24" of ange steel to secure everything properly with 1/2 Grade 8 Hardware.

Underside has Grade 8 hardware going through 1/2" weight rack's steel, 1/4" glued down Aluminum plate, floor pan and fknally 2" (to spread load) of 1/8" steel angle (no bending or flexing).

Test fit. I ordered a 1/2" thick Yoga mat, which I cut out a 20" diameter with 2" donut hole to go under weights. Also ordered a 6,000 pound 2" X 1/2" tow pin. Going to make a couple different length spacers out of 2.25" tube, to keep weighs pretty tight below the pin.

Spent an hour on the phone with Doug Duell, planning logistics of him acing my Vitamin C in Memphis and Bradenton while his broke motor gets fixed.

Left for home at 6:00 - earliest in a long while. Been driving my Magnum.