Started the morning stopping at the old shop to find my Boninfante clutch, which I sold to GTSDave.

Then lver to O'Reillys to pick up warranty replacement power steering pump (and fluid) for Grand National, speed sensor for Allante, 14ID/3/8"OD fuel line for golf cart, and hard brake line for the Thug

Then stopped by Post Office to mail title of Little Red Express that's on its way to Australia, and finally City Hall to pay the water bill. Then had to meet with guy that installed my $600 anti-backflow valve to city water system, as its been leaking since he installed.

Meanwhile, back at the shop my mechanic friend (who comes in one day a week) disassembled the spare transmission I keep in Motorhome - as the end play wasn't right. He had it reassembled by the time I'd gotten back. Said all was well other than the end play.

He put new power steering pump on Grand National while I replaced the fuel and vacuum lines on golf cart and reassembled it. The replacement power steering pump fixed the Grand National (but a whole day was ruined chasing our tail on the defective pump installed), and the golf cart is now running well again. My bud replaced the speed sensor on Allante while I test drove Grand National, golf cart, photoed the SRT806-speed I'll be Selling, and shuffled some cars around in the garage. That didn't fix the Allante speed issue, So I most likely is the cluster.

My bud pulled the rear cover on the Street Rod - so axels could be pulled to press in the 2 7/8" wheel studs needed for .750 spacer I have to run for new wheels. I ran the cover to O'reilly's (10+ miles away) in my Magnum (to test it) for cover gasket and 90 weight. I've only put 1100 miles on that car in 15 years because of one problem after another. It finally runs great. I have a 400 block with higher compression forged internals, Aluminum heads, Performance cam and intake, 835cfm Holley, headers.... I have quite a few cars, but this Magnum is the oldest fast car I have. Seat of the pants has me believing that it is faster than the Grand National - which has thousands of dollars of go fast parts on it. I had to hit a couple stores to find the ten bolt gasket.

When I got back, I got the good news that a carrier bolt had broken in the housing, as did a drill from drilling a hole for the EZ Out. He worked on that while I ordered a serpentine belt for Magnum. It was screeching on the way to parts store and back. When I opened hood to tighten, I saw that it looked warped, where only half of its grooves were contacting pulley of alternator. By the time O'reillys arrived with belt, my bud called it a day on the broken bolt and replaced the belt on the Magnum for while I cleaned the shop. I generally don't get much car work done when he's there because he's a far better mechanic than me. My best value is for him to stay busy on cars and me doing the running around.

I drove the Magnum home and it sure felt great driving. I need to still find a nice set of modern black leather seats and to make the AC blow harder and colder.