Yesterday (Monday) I shuffled cars around to where the brown building has five cars and two Indians I don't drive in bubbles plus seven of my rotated drivers on trickle chargers; seven cars needing to be worked on are under awnings; six cars needing restoration are in the back row of my 12 car garage - with the Vitamin C and Whale and three drivable motorcycles using half of front and a curtained off work area using other half; three cars are in the bays of the workshop; and a half dozen are still at the Richmond shop - waiting for me to sell some of this stuff so I can bring to Beasley.

Opened boxes of parts and tools and put away.

Took driver's side valve cover off whale, removed sealed off baffle to cut hole for oil fill bung, then realized the screw holes would be outside the hole I needed to cut. So I measured where I would have to cut hole, cut a 1.75" hole and then filed to 1.82". I took to a bud who welds for me in return for a suitcase of Coors Light.

The Valve cover will go back on today, the starter relay also replaced, it moved over to the building I keep race cars ready to race, and covered after I wax.

Then there's the steering column to my 46 Olds Street Rod. After painting the car (Steering Column also painted as was dash) like my Challenger, King Ranch and Geezerglide, the steering wheel would turn - but not the wheels. After removing the column to inspect, it was found the knucklehead who built the car lopped of the end of the column shaft and used a set screw to attach the hollow shaft to the coupler. That both wore a groove into and slightly collapsed the shaft. Damn lucky it didn't fail going around a curve at 75 mph.

The plan was to weld a bolt into the cavity then cut and grind excess, then drill a hole through both sides of the coupler and through the made solid shaft, and finally insert a bolt and nut through the entire assembly. After much thought (and a couple Silver Bullets), my bud ( who buys newer rear-ended Ford trucks that insurance companies total loss, and fixes by cutting bent frame sections out and welding in new frame steel, before reselling) said there's no way to properly fill using that bolt without distorting shaft, and that good adhesion would be impossible, so he slowly filled with stainless steel from bottom up - allowing for cooling quite a few times.

It too will hopefully go back into car today, along with trying to start car for the first time in about four years - so it can be moved over. Also today the plan is exhaust gasket for Little Red Express #1 along with carb adaptor plate.

You can hear the exhaust leak. I wasn't revving the truck up as high as it sounds. Lots of echo in shop.

Also need battery hold down in Diplomat, and stereo in Little Red Express #2 (the keeper).