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The New and Improved


  • The New and Improved

    Well Here It Is!

    I've spent the last 30 hours converting the web site to what you currently see here. The main reason I converted to this web application is that the last had become a "Hacker's Highway". While they never got any private information or infectected any computers - they did spam the site with ads everytime a link was clicked. After the third time in 6-weeks, I gave up and ponied up for this totally different application.

    There are some really cool features with this application. While the last application was a "Forum", this application is more full-featured. It is referred to as a CMS (Context Management System), with a forum as just one its components. I'm still learning about many of the features and their benefits, so I'll explain in more detail as I learn, enable and configure those features.

    What I can tell you now that the main navigation of the site are the tabs in the "NavBar" towards the top of the page. You are reading this in the NSS News section of the site. This area will take the place of the old Word Press site. I suggest you start checking it frequently as this is where Important NSS News and web site changes will be found.

    Then there are the Forum, which is simular to the previous forums. I was able to import all members and posts into this new version, so none were lost. I have however closed some of the more off topic forums, and created Groups to take their place. Please take a moment to click on the Group Discussions tab, and look at the groups I've created. If you are a member of Facebook, and have joined a couple of groups there, this operates exactly the same. Any Registered Member can create a group, and you can join any Public Group. If you join a group, new posts made to that group will appear in your feed, when you click the Group Discussions tab. I encourage you to join the groups that interest you, avoid the ones that don't. Participate, and check your feed every visit. The more of you who participate in a group that interest you, the better this site will become.

    Then there is a Blog tab. I've set the configuration to allow any Registered Member to have the benefit of their own Blog. One use of a blog is for your race team, to report on the races you attended. I have a Blog for my Wagon and for the Vitamin C - and it really helps getting product sponsors like TTI, Mancini Racing, ATI, Royal Purple, Aerospace Components, Fuelabs,... by reporting and promoting my team on a blog and emailing potential product sponsors links to it. Just a suggestion. I was a Marketing Major in college, and I learned that Promotion is free advertising. The blog is a free way to advertise yourself to sponsors- that is if you'd like to solicit free product.

    Now there are a few things we might have got use to on the old application, which aren't available with this application are:

    • A Calendar for events. However, I've figured out how to set up a Google Calendar and merge it into a calendar page. I'll do that soon.
    • The "Staging Lanes" photo album is not a feature of this application, and was lost. However, I'll most likely set up Photo Gallery (that's a free benefit with the new hosting our site is on) and allow NSS racers to register for their own album to host their racing photos.

    Other plans for the Future include having a sub-domain for the Dave Duell Classic and a dedicated photo album all all of those with photos to upload to the different years.

    So, while I've been able to get a lot done so far, but I've got a lot still left to do. The single goal of this web site is to grow the NSS class by promoting it to the world. It doesn't matter if you're racing with Victory, 422 Allstars, NMCA, SHRA or whoever - this site is for all NS Racers - as we're stronger promoting the class together than as fragmented groups. All NSS Racers are welcomed here!

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