NSS Drag Racing Threatened


A small club a of a couple dozen members going by the name of Nostalgia Super Stock, Inc., put a registered trademark on the terms “NSS” and “Nostalgia Super Stock” – despite the fact that maybe better than 1000 racers have raced hundreds of Nostalgia Super Stock Races, at dozens of tracks in the last 25 years.

If you go to this club’s site at www.NostalgiaSuperStock.com, you will see that they have place their trademark there. You will also find a link to their member email addresses if you’d like to communicate your feelings to them, and lists of  sponsors and events/tracks if you would like to communicate with them.

The below links show the trademarks.



We Will Rule The World All Of Nostalgia Super Stock


While all club members are guilty of allowing this to happen, it appears to be the brainchild of Club Secretary Bob Wilkiewicz, and Club President Rich Berlisk. They recently approached a Doug Duell, who administers Dave Duell Classic and and a member of the National Rules Committee (also trademarked by this club – so all members resigned to form a new rules committee), and informed him of the trademark and their intention of licensing (aka shaking Down) all organizations, promoters, websites, clubs… with both fees and other “requirements”.

More recently, the shakedown has begun with at least one promoter (NMCA) receiving a letter to contact them about licensing requirements.

Initial reaction to many was to drop or rename the class instead of wetting the beak of trademark trolls/squatters, but only the weak cave. A specialist trademark attorney has reviewed the applications the club made, and other documentation of the use of the terms – and while we don’t want to show his complete hand – it is obvious that those trademarks should never have been granted and it is a certainty that revocation will be granted.

The way of most common sense and least cost to all (including the club) would be for them to issue a public apology to all NSS Racers and to surrender the trademark back to the Patent and Trademark office as being they had recently realized (save face avoid fraud) that they are widely used over a long period descriptive terms, and should never be registered trademarks. However, like Pinky and the Brain, narcissistic domination of the class stands in the way of common sense and they’ve refused. Their strategy is to stand by the line that they’re just protecting the name from evil (kettle calling pot black) and they’re all about education – at least until the dust settles.

Well the dust shouldn’t settle until no one has the ability to misuse these terms for their ego and the extortion by licensing of the many outside their little club. So after legal consultation, the next step is to file a legal protest to the Patent and Trademark Office with the many examples of why the application wasn’t proper, and the many reasons the registration of the trademarks need to be immediately revoked. This will cost roughly $5,000 in filing and legal fees.  Doug Duell and Dave Schultz have stepped up and pledged $500 each, and feel that another eight organizations and well healed NSS racers will also step forward to do the same. If you are willing to be one of the ten helping to right this wrong, contact Doug or Dave.

While the lawyer feels that this will be a slam-dunk once filed, there’s never 100% certainty when you have Federal Bureaucracy involved. If unsuccessful, then a suit filed in the Federal Court of Milwaukee, against the club and certain members will be required, costing the club member and the petitioner in the $100,000+ each range. We feel we also have that covered, but hopefully it will not go that far.

What NSS drivers can do in the meantime is contact the club’s members, as there certainly must be a few feeling this is wrong and don’t want any part of the shitstorm about to happen.  Contact their sponsors who may not be happy of associating with a club using the tactics of the Black Hand. Contact the promoters and tracks to let them know who they’re associating with. Contact car and racing magazines, both print and Internet (even racing forums) to have them post the start of what could be a horrible trend to other classes like Nostalgia Muscle Car, Pro Mod, Nostalgia Funny Car, Nostalgia Pro Stock – or even “Bracket Racing”. No club should be allowed to try to own a widely promoted class of drag racing, and an example needs to be made of any club that does try. Regardless of any other differences, we need a united front of Clubs, Promoters, and drag racers to come together on this cause.

More information can be found at:


Every Drag Racer Should Care About This


New form of extortion that all drag racers need to be concerned with. Today it is NSS, tomorrow it might be Nostalgia Muscle Car, or Pro Mod, or True Street, or even bracket racing!


The above link has all the details and the continuing conversation, the below is the first post.

The State of Our Class…You Really Need to Worry About.

As I write this post, I am thinking of the passion I have for NSS racing…the people, the cars, the tracks where we race and the fans who love to see us come. Unfortunately, there is a clear and present danger threatening our sport, targeted solely on NSS racing.

This post is meant to inform you of the actions taken by others and to share their intentions as they have laid it out for us. The NMCA and your rules committee has no intentions of being extorted and bullied into these changes. Based upon the initial input of information we have received, Clay Kossuth, Jim Netherland and myself have resigned from the NSSNA Rules Committee. We will, however, create a new committee to help steer NSS into the future. The NMCA agrees with this plan and will follow the lead of this new committee.

With that on the table, let me go back to the beginning.

As you may know, there is a Nostalgia Super Stock Club in the Chicago/Wisconsin area. This club operates under a match racing format which differs from the index racing many of our NSS racing organizations conduct. Earlier this year, Rich Berlisk and Bob Wilkiewicz, representing the Club, placed a registered trademark on both the terms Nostalgia Super Stock and NSS. The information on this action is available at www.nostalgiasuperstock.com. The trademark application states the request is to protect the name for “educational, entertainment and archival” purposes. When Rich and Bob told me about what they had done (after the fact) and that they had received approval for the registered trademark, I expressed to them it was a bad idea and that I would not stand for any race organization or racer having to pay any monies or sign any releases to use the names Nostalgia Super Stock or NSS. Nothing happened until this week.

Bringing you up to speed this week.

This week, your NSSNA Rules Committee received a letter from Bob Wilkiewicz. Without our knowledge or consent, Rich and Bob have also trademarked the name of our rules committee. The impact of this became apparent immediately in their letter. They began outlining the rules of NSS racing as they saw fit as the new owners of the trademark. This is beyond reproach. NSS racing has always been self-governing and self-policing. As racers, we challenge one another. We argue the points as new racing technology becomes available. Our objective is to come to agreement and make certain the racing is competitive. The racers, along with the NHRA, decide what goes into the rules—thus our cars—and what does not.

Also this week, Bob sent a letter to the NMCA asking them to reach out and negotiate terms to use the names they trademarked: Nostalgia Super Stock and NSS. They have indicated they will do the same to the other race promoters and website administrators. Worse case scenario for us is if the promoters reject their attempts to collect money for use of the name and drop our class from their races. We have no intention for these misguided individuals to come between us and racing.

Negotiating terms with promoters and dictating rules to racers are a far cry from the innocent-sounding trademark application whose stated intent was for “educational, entertainment and archival” purposes.

Next steps.

Your rules committee is working closely with NMCA, consulting NHRA, and have reached out to our own legal counsel to get this hostile takeover of our sport stopped. Our promoters are looking into the legality as well. I will keep you informed as we make progress in this situation.

Final thoughts.

Clearly, this is about control and greed. We are a group of racers who put our own skin in the game. We work all week to get the chance to race on the weekends. We have invested hard-earned money into our cars. We are too proud of Nostalgia Super Stock racing to allow it to become a puppet race class due to a deceptive trademark maneuver.

What you can do.

If you have thoughts on how we should move forward, please email Clay, Jim or myself. I also suggest you call and email Bob Wilkiewicz stillrock69@hotmail.com and Rich Berlisk rberlisk@wi.rr.com and let them know what you think about their actions.

Thank you,

Doug Duell

10th Dave Duell Classic Recap

Sponsor Report of the MoparStyle Race Team

By Dave Schultz
May 19, 2015

11096413_894869713892202_3811430319538728193_nThis was the 10th Dave Duell Classic — arguably the biggest and best of the Nostalgia Super Stock events. The race honors Dave Duell, who was the coordinator of Nostalgia Super Stock at the Monster Mopar since the early 90s. He died in December of 2005 and the race was renamed the Dave Duell Classic for 2006. While the race moved from the Monster Mopar Weekend to NMCA about five years ago — it is still the big event of the year with Class Eliminations, Driver’s Dinner with Swag raffled out, and a $4000 purse for the Sunday Big Show. Dave’s son (and fellow Team Thug member) Doug Duell now administers this event with NMCA. Doug is my best racing bud and we pit together at the races. Dave Duell got me into NSS back at a race in 2003. I won Class (C/FX) for the first DDC in Big Red Ram, and a couple of other classes in the Vitamin C (C/NSS) and the black Coronet (A/NSS) since. I have yet to win the FX Class in my two attempts at the wheel of the Whale. Dallas has twice won the FX Shootout.

We left Wednesday morning and got as far as Jackson, TN before midnight. We got up at 6:30 Thursday and arrived at the track at noon. Despite the fact that I had a new untested motor in my car and Dallas had made numerous changes to his car — we elected to not pay $150 to make a couple of test hits — and simply established credentials and teched the cars in Thursday. I was very surprised that my Texas Whale was on the Event’s T-Shirt this year. The Chevy guys say it makes a great oil rag.

11270283_10204088782075563_8533053166417248081_oFriday morning I made 4 test hits on my car and Dallas made three on his. On the first Qualifying run we were both too fast for our 9.75 Index — both running an identical 9.669 (with Dallas having a faster MPH). On the 2nd Qualifying pass I was able to slow it down to 9.759 — giving me 6th of 54 in Qualifying. Dallas was still having issues with a consistent 60′ on his car (we now feel like it has to be the convertor he’d borrowed to see if it would make his car faster) and was in the 9.8s — putting him to 33rd.

DDC2015-1small ddc2015-small DDC2015-2smallI was looking forward to pushing it for the 3rd and 4th qualifying to make my 4th Top Qualifier in a row – but the rain came Saturday and the 3rd and 4th Qualifying were cancelled, and the FX Shootout was rescheduled for the Indy race. The Driver’s dinner on Saturday night was moved up a couple of hours to fit in between storms. I took a lot of photos at the dinner, which I’ll post on this site later in the week — after getting caught up from being away for a week.

11110898_10205730379874243_4689310113441504593_oThe first two pits in the above photo were ours and Duell’s. We pit together parking in opposite directions to share a pit patio for dinners. The top of the Whale can be seen in the SE corner of the photo. 54 NSS cars creates a very long pair of lines. 11053108_679401325538192_1611926501477513500_nYou would think with 54 racers that there would be no chance that Dallas and I have to race each other in the 1st round — but Nooooo, for the 4th time in ten races we had to race each other in the 1st round. On a Sportsman ladder with 54 cars — 6 races 33.

11059766_10205639936615623_5234548666232238736_nI won that first round — as Dallas’ car just wouldn’t 60′. Dallas would line me up (below) in round two against 00Joe. I’ve been 00’s bitch in our other two races — but I came out on top this time when he took too much stripe on a double breakout.

11110445_680392718760892_3287576385754910628_o 11232291_680392695427561_2563674437703185049_o 10847760_680392672094230_5574045006986680328_o DSC_7880In the third round I was facing Russ Konkowski, who’d just came off a near perfect round. We both pressed the tree and his -.006 was worst than my -.003. He had to leave 3/4 second before me so I don’t know if his red bulb distracted me and made me go — or if I’d gone red anyway. I’d been fairly good on the tree for most of my passes this weekend.

DSC03964DSC03965DSC03966Then the rain came down hard with 3 rounds left to go. A couple of hours later the remaining rounds were postponed until Indy. Indy is going to be busy with the postponed FX shootout, the finish of the Dave Duell Classic, and the normal Indy race. Sounds like a lot of passes — and a couple prayers that the car will stay together from the hot laps. On top of that – we’ll come a day early to wear the cars out even more. The below is the remainder of the ladder for the Dave Duell Classic.

11180630_10205651453743544_8020317347222072281_nWe left the track at 2:30 and drove to a truck stop to watch (in a storm) the Houston Rockets win the series against the LA Clippers. We arrived at Walmart in Jackson, TN at about 10PM to park for the night. Up at 6:30 — and back to the shop in Richmond, TX at 7PM.

Again I’d like to thank the sponsors who have helped us (in order of how long they’ve helped us): Mancini Racing since 2003 (an account for parts); TTI since 2011 (headers on three cars – had to go custom on the Whale as no one makes); Fuelabs since 2013 (fuel systems on the Whale and Big Red Ram); Aerospace Components since 2015 (Brakes on the Texas Thug — but we have their vacuum pumps on all of our cars and their brakes on my Whale); and ATI since 2015 (convertor on my car – and we run their balancers on all motors). They say the quickest way to become a Millionaire in drag racing is to start out as a Billionaire. We appreciate our sponsors delaying how fast we go broke from our living the dream as father and son drag racing.

6-Speed to Jail


120 6-Speed items

Sponsor Report – 2014 National Finals


Sponsor Report

Dave Schultz – October 14, 2014

Dave Schultz Wins 2014 Championship for Nostalgia Super Stock

NMCA Champion Ring
Ring Awarded to the Champion at PRI in December

The 2014 NMCA Racing Season ended this past weekend at the World Finals in Indy. It went down to the third round of the season’s last race for me to clinch the the Championship for NSS — by a mere 10 points.

The NSS Class is one of the most difficult classes to compete in. Over 100 NSS cars compete in the class and most have raced for 10+ years in the same car. There were 28 NSS cars competing at Indy, with three (Doug Duell, Barry Dorn, and myself) still having a shot at the Championship. I came into the race 55 points behind the leader Barry Dorn. I had to either go one round further than Barry — or Qualify in the Top 5 with him qualifying 20 or lower. Doug had to have Barry and I go out by the second round, and he would have to win the event for him to once again be the Champ.

Lots of Drama and stress in this race for all of us.

None driving to the track, as we left Tuesday morning and arrived Wednesday evening without incident. Friday we set up pits and Tech’d in the cars. I had decided to replace my 33″ slicks with 31″ — but had no idea what the car would do with that change or the cold wet weather. I figured I’d need to squeeze in two Time Trials during the open session from 9AM to 1PM to figure it out.

I got in line at 9:30 (to allow a little heat get into the very cold track) — and was the first in the .500 Sportsman tree lanes as I’d gotten there just as they cleared it. I waited an hour (Barry Dorn in back of me) as they tried to empty out the perpetually growing other four lanes. The True Street cars were shutting the track down for Liquid about every other pass. Then the rain came and they closed the track at 11AM for the day!

Also increasing the stress was that my father (well in his 80s and in failing health) was in the hospital having Emergency Surgery for a pacemaker. By Saturday — I found out all was well and he was resting comfortably.

Saturday it was announced that there would be no Time Trials — going right to Qualifying — and that there would be only two instead of three of those!

Dallas (Coronet) & Dave (wagon) in 2nd Round Qualifying
Dallas (Coronet) & Dave (wagon) in 2nd Round Qualifying

In the First Qualifying I threw all of the weight I could fit in/on the car — and ran a 9.88 on the 9.75 Index I declared as a wild guess. Doug ran a 9.501 on a 9.50 index — and Barry was like 3/10 slow off his Index. Barry found a broken ground strap on a spark plug and replaced it, and I took off/out 140 pounds from my car.

So many NSS drivers were pissed over the no Time Trials and having to guess an Index — that they beat a fiery path to Race Control to complain. After much consternation, NMCA allowed the Index racers to re-declare their Index before second round of qualifying — and said they’d TRY to give us a third Qualifying (if time permitted). In the second round Doug was again DNO (Dead Nuts On), Barry was again slow and pinging, and I ran too far in the other direction with a 9.66 on my 9.75 Index.

I really needed for there to be a third round of Qualifying if I was to be able to get the points to have to not have to go one more round than Barry. Drivers were oiling down the track and wrecking — and it was really looking bad for a 3rd qualifying. However at about 6PM they announced that we’d get it, but would then have to hot lap back for a first round of Eliminations. Barry again had found a broken spark plug ground strap. Mike Dichicco felt like he was too lean and detonating for the break — so he rejetted and rodded Barry’s carbs for him. (Thanks Mike!)

In that third round I did a 9.75 with a 6 and rocketed from #17 to #5 in Qualifying. Barry went too fast and broke out (his problem now fixed) and qualified 20th. This now gave me a 10 point lead instead of previous 55 point deficit. They did call it a day after our third round of Qualifying — as the track was cold and dangerous. Eliminations were Scheduled to begin at 9AM Sunday. We both drew very tough first round of Eliminations competitors.

I’ve had this Championship on my bucket List since 2008 — and the Ring has been my computer’s screen saver since early 2008. I’d had a chance to win the Championship in 2012 — but bad luck with the ladder (I got two tough drivers while the other two each had a broke bye and a rookie in their first two rounds) and bad light squashed my dream. While I tried to be positive — I was so afraid of choking.

In the first round Barry was ahead of me in the lanes, and Dallas was ahead of him. I watched Dallas take too much stripe and breakout, then Barry’s guy also breakout. The weather was obviously better than people were thinking. Pressure on me! I ran a 9.752 on my 9.75 Index and my competitor was pushed out with a 10.49 on a 10.50 Index. I was still in the game.

For the second round we again had two of the toughest guys left – mine being a little tougher. Again Barry was ahead of me, and his guy red lights. I’m thinking — Damn I can’t shake him. My guy also Red Lights — pushing the tree after seeing I’d run a 9.752 the round before. Doug won his round — but he ran out of chances with Barry and I still in.

The third round had DiChicco in the other lane — and Barry also having a tough but also same Index car. This time I was ahead of him in the lanes. Dichicco was running DNO and having good lights — so I bumped in a little deeper than usual for a better light. I went .006 RED. My heart sunk as I was motoring down the track — I’d once again choked on winning the Championship. When I got back to my pit, Dallas told me that Barry had also gone (.020) RED. The Championship was mine. Doug also went out in the third round for those keeping track.

DiChicco and I in a Heads up Race. I went .006 Seconds Red (grrr)
DiChicco and I in a Heads up Race. I went .006 Seconds Red (grrr)

I went to the tower to get my check. They verified that my math was indeed correct — and that I was the new Champ. One more off the bucket list.

All in All it was a pretty good year. I runner up at the First race, won my second Wally in Joliet, and Dallas won his first Wally at Norwalk. It is so good to have cars with the chassis and motors running right! The only real bummer is that NHRA has decided to drop its partnership with the NMCA — and at the awards ceremony (December at PRI) I won’t get the Big Wally the previous Champs received. Kinda petty for them to pull it now instead of finishing the year out! I was a supporter of the NHRA — but they just lost me.

We left the track at about 5PM Sunday and drove through Horrible storms (especially in Arkansas!) — getting back to Houston at 3PM Monday.

I’d like to thank Royal Purple, Mancini, TTI Exhaust, and Fuel Labs for their product sponsorship of our team. I’m sure hoping this Championship will keep them supporting our team and that we can pick up a few more (Need shocks, tires, brakes, torque converter, Holley carbs, NSS Intake, fuel…) as running two cars (with the closest track 900 miles away) is very expensive.

We are committed to run the series again in 2015 — and Hopefully Dallas and I can be one and Two. I just threw down a half million dollars for a new race rig — and so I have a Superman rig at a Clark Kent Price if anyone is interested.

Last Trip for this Race Rig. For Sale - Excellent Condition
Last Trip for this Race Rig. For Sale – Excellent Condition

Team Thug Wall Calendar

It is calendar season again. Time to order wall calendars for the 2015 year. The below are lo-res versions of the hi-res images used to make the Team Thug Drag Race Cars of NSS. All of these ran in the 2014 season and are expected to return for 2015.

This calendars make for excellent Christmas gift, and the images are also available on items like can coolers, coffee mugs, cufflinks,….

The small profit made on each calendar goes towards the expenses of maintaining the www.NSSRacing.com web site and forums.

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Team Thug Wall Calendar - NSS DRag RacingTeam Thug Wall Calendar - NSS DRag RacingTeam Thug Wall Calendar - NSS DRag RacingTeam Thug Wall Calendar - NSS DRag RacingTeam Thug Wall Calendar - NSS DRag RacingTeam Thug Wall Calendar - NSS DRag RacingTeam Thug Wall Calendar - NSS DRag RacingTeam Thug Wall Calendar - NSS DRag RacingTeam Thug Wall Calendar - NSS DRag Racingsmalltt5Team Thug Wall Calendar - NSS DRag RacingTeam Thug Wall Calendar - NSS DRag RacingTeam Thug Wall Calendar - NSS DRag RacingTeam Thug Wall Calendar - NSS DRag Racing

New Mopar Wall Calendar

It is calendar season again. Time to order wall calendars for the 2015 year. The below are lo-res versions of the hi-res images used to make the Dodge & Plymouth Drag Race Cars of NSS. All of these can in the 2014 season and are expected to return for 2015.

This calendars make for excellent Christmas gift, and the images are also available on items like can coolers, coffee mugs, cufflinks,….

The small profit made on each calendar goes towards the expenses of maintaining the www.NSSRacing.com web site and forums.

To view the items available — click here.

Mopar Wall Calendar CoverMopar Wall Calendar Page Mopar Wall Calendar Page Mopar Wall Calendar Page Mopar Wall Calendar Page Mopar Wall Calendar Page Mopar Wall Calendar Page Mopar Wall Calendar Page Mopar Wall Calendar Page Mopar Wall Calendar Page Mopar Wall Calendar Page Mopar Wall Calendar Page Mopar Wall Calendar Page

Schultz wins Joliet

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESMoparStyle Racing Sponsor Report

Joliet 2014

Dave Schultz – July 17, 2014

This month started with troubles — but ended very well.

In mid June, while on a week long Motorcycle trip with son Dallas and a bud (Doug Duell), I had a non-motorcycle related accident tearing the ligament on my right thumb — requiring surgery. I had put off surgery until July 18 (tomorrow) to be able to make the Joliet race, and have the first cast changed to smaller in time for the Norwalk race in late August.

The Whale had been in Indiana having some chassis issues corrected. Route 66 in Joliet has never been a good track for me — and the last time the Whale was out was at that track last July — when a virtually new $24K engine blew up. The backup car’s (Vitamin C) new engine was pretty gutless (yes we have a different engine builder now) at St. Louis — and a tear-down showed some valve-train issues. Dallas was dropping new engine in it when I received a call that the Whale could be picked up on the way to Joliet – albeit untested. I wasn’t exactly thrilled taking an untested car with a new Indy engine and a transmission Dallas had just rebuilt — and I’d not driven in over a year, but there was no option.

10544367_10202286814267494_3638269864056092708_nreplacing 4 chassis batteries in Indiana

We left on Tuesday, and the trip to Indiana to get the Whale was uneventful — except having to replace the 4 chassis batteries of on the Freightliner. The Whale was loaded Wednesday early afternoon and we proceeded to Joliet with our fingers crossed that the Illinois State Police (recently picking on drag racers) would leave us alone. Thursday morning we were let onto the track and set up our pits. The chassis on the Whale needed to be recertified, and the car was teched in. There was no testing Thursday.

10463031_10202296350465893_6116882337997948648_nOur Pits
10489804_10202295307999832_2614790868746810607_nCockpit View of Whale

On Friday, racers were allowed a maximum of two time trials between 9AM and 11AM. I was one of the few to get both in. I had to remove my cast to get racing gloves on. In my first pass I launched at 2500 and shifted at 7000 — and had a -.034 light from driving a slower reacting Vitamin C — and my time was 9.749. While that’s a good time for my 9.75 Index — I had no weight in the car and the weather was going to get real bad Saturday and Sunday. I also had some switch-box and shift light problems — but they were quickly resolved when traced to a couple of unconnected grounds, which must have been disconnected for welding. I hot lapped back into the 90 minute long Time Trial line and changed my launch to 2000 RPM and shifted at 7400 RPM. That slowed my light down to an equally horrible .090 but the ET improved to 9.62. We made two qualifying hits on Friday evening, and I broke out in the first but made it to the #2 Qualifying spot in the 2nd. I was able to fix my lights.

10429339_10202300511649920_1614758100706418786_nLadder pitting Dallas & I in First Round

10527268_10152154722126160_9099707792298969601_nIt rained hard Friday night and Saturday morning. The track finally went Hot at 3PM — but the third qualifying was cancelled and we went right to Eliminations. There were 23 racers in the NSS Class and the pairing had Dallas and I having to again race each other in the first round. I came out on top on that round. The next round had Jeff Frees against me. I had a 0-2 record against Jeff — but improved it to 1-2. Racing stopped at 9PM due to dew making the track too slippery.

joliet2014Our Track Photos at the Event 10329795_904464789580353_2362068486660701461_o

I rained again Saturday night. The track personnel did well to dry the track and racing started at about 9:30AM. In the Third round (Quarters) I was paired against the points leader Barry Dorn, who was ahead of me (I’m in second) by about 330 points. It was an epiphany for me — win to cut the lead — or lose and be out of the race. I was fortunate to win that round. The 4th round (Semis) I had the Competition Bye for being the #2 Qualifier.

10537382_10202306140110628_2678597525051859927_nCar got faster ever pass. Had 130 pounds weight in for my Bye

In the final I matched with DW Hopkins and I was the winner of that round — and presented with my second ever Wally. I think this year has a total of four (maybe five) opportunities for a Wally.

I believe this puts me less than one round out of first place.

2014 Recap

2014 Dave Duell Classic
Nostalgia Super Stock Nationals

National Muscle Car Association
Quick Fuel Nationals
(at Gateway International Raceway, Madison Ill.)


Nostalgia Super Stock
Final Qualifying Order
(after four sessions)

1. 7066 NSS/A Mike Moss; Paducah KY; ’66 Chevrolet; Chevrolet 427; 10.000; 0.000
2. 7966 NSS/B Rick Campbell; Hernando MS; ’66 Plymouth; Ply 440; 10.500; 0.000
3. 7667 NSS/D Larry Pelts; Eureka MO; ’67 Dodge; Dodge 440; 11.501; +0.001
4. 7572 NSS/B Jimmy Ray; Atoka TN; ’65 Chevelle; Chevrolet 572; 10.503; +0.003
5. 7228 NSS/F Brian Essary; Hobart IN; ’65 Coronet; Dodge 446; 12.003; +0.003
6. 7687 NSS/B Barry Dorn; Sanford FL; ’68 Dodge Dart; Dodge 44; 10.504; +0.004
7. 7834 C/FX Mike DeChicco; Ostrander OH; ’65 Dodge; Mopar 548; 9.754; +0.004
8. 7747 C/FX Mitzi Herzing; St. Clair MO; ’63 Plymouth; Mopar 426; 9.755; +0.005
9. 7012 NSS/B Jim Netherland; Columbia TN; ’67 Buick GS; Buick 400; 10.505; +0.005
10. 7009 NSS/B Jason Krueger; Waukesha WI; ’64 Plymouth; Ply 426; 10.505; +0.005
11. 7967 NSS/A Larry Roff; Belle MO; ’67 Dodge Dart; Dodge 400; 10.009; +0.009
12. 7099 NSS/D Ron Rector; O’Fallon MO; ’63 Dodge; Dodge 426; 11.509; +0.009
13. 7111 NSS/A Corimac Frees; Hortonville WI; ’68 Plymouth; Ply 446; 10.009; +0.009
14. 7381 NSS/B Dennis Breeden; Plainville IN; ’67 Plymouth; Chrysler 500; 10.509; +0.009
15. 7270 C/FX Jeff Millward; Columbia Station OH; ‘64 Plymouth; Mopar 540; 9.762; +0.012
16. 1 B/FX Doug Duell; Newburgh IN; ’64 Plymouth; Indy 540; 9.512; +0.012
17. 7899 AA/FX D.W. Hopkins; Saltillo MS; ’64 Ford; Ford 527; 9.013; +0.013
18. 7955 NSS/C Wally Krueger; Appleton WI; ’64 Plymouth; Ply Hemi 426; 11.015; +0.015
19. 7528 NSS/B Clay Kossuth; Catawissa MO; ’63 Dodge; Mopar 426; 10.515; +0.015
20. 7464 B/FX Joe Midile Jr.; Medina OH; ’64 Dodge; Indy 572; 9.516; +0.016
21. 7817 NSS/C Rees Smith; Greenville IN; ’64 Plymouth; Plymouth 426; 11.017; +0.017
22. 7031 NSS/B Kevin Gass; Ledbetter KY; ’66 Chevelle; Chevrolet 509; 10.518; +0.018
23. 7043 C/FX Bud Cochran; Parkersburg WV; ’66 Fairlane; Ford 545; 9.768; +0.018
24. 7426 NSS/B Al Corda; Elk Mound WI; ’64 Plymouth; Ply 426; 10.524; +0.024
25. 7602 B/FX Dallas Schultz; Richmond TX; ’65 Coronet; Mopar 540; 9.527; +0.027
26. 7601 NSS/C Dave Schultz; Richmond TX; ’63 Plymouth; Ply 440; 11.028; +0.028
27. 7410 NSS/C Mick Alles; New Albany IN; ’64 Plymouth; Mopar 426; 11.028; +0.028
28. 7047 NSS/B Geary Bates; Wintersville OH; ’67 Fairlane; Ford 427; 10.528; +0.028
29. 7025 NSS/E Doug Poskevich; Deland FL; ’66 Ford Fairlane; Ford 390; 12.030; +0.030
30. 7169 NSS/B Neal Broyles; Beech Bluff TN; ’69 Dodge Dart; Dodge 383; 10.533; +0.033
31. 7236 NSS/D Kevin Miller; Newton IL; ’65 Dodge; Dodge 426; 11.534; +0.034
32. 7800 NSS/D Khory Rideout; Pacific MO; ’65 Plymouth; Ply 426; 11.534; +0.034
33. 7371 NSS/C Tom Hoffman; Lake Elano MN; ‘’63 Plymouth; Ply 426; 11.043; +0.043
34. 7500 NSS/E Billy Copeland; Monterey TN; ’65 Dodge; Chrysler 440; 12.043; +0.043
35. 7022 NSS/B Skip Koester; Columbia Station OH; ’64 Ford; Ford 427; 10.543; +0.043
36. 7502 C/FX Jim Brandon; Bland MO; ’64 Dodge; Mopar 426; 9.795; +0.045
37. 7428 NSS/B Mike Davis; Monroe GA; ’66 Pontiac GTO; Pont 400; 10.547; +0.047
38. 7691 C/FX Jeff Frees; Hortonville WI; ’64 Plymouth; Mopar 572; 9.804; +0.054
39. 7209 NSS/C Kenny Gresham; Granite City IL; ’62 Chevrolet; Chev 409; 11.055; +0.055
40. 7266 NSS/B Bruce Sammet; Evansville IN; ’66 Chevrolet; GM 427; 10.562; +0.062
41. 7427 NSS/A Brian Merrick; Dellroy OH; ’64 Ford; Ford 427; 10.630; +0.063
42. 7017 NSS/B Joe Ewing; Evansville IN; ’63 Dodge; Dodge 440; 10.563; +0.063
43. 7212 NSS/C Buck Schooler; Sedalia MO; ’65 Plymouth; Chrysler 440; 11.064; +0.064
44. 7122 A/FX Donas Singleton; Indianapolis IN; ’64 Ford Fairlane; Ford 427; 9.317; +0.067
45. 7160 NSS/G Al Wilson; Bell Buckle IN; ’60 Plymouth; Mopar 470; 12.570; +0.070
46. 7963 NSS/B Stanley Rideout; Pacific MO; ’65 Plymouth; Ply 493; 10.572; +0.075
47. 7014 AAA/FX Michael Sanders, Jr.; Brook IN; ’68 Plymouth; Mopar 655; 8.826; +0.076
48. 7963 NSS/B Fred Rader; Mansfield OH; ’63 Dodge; Dodge 426; 10.590; +0.090
49. 7058 NSS/B Ed Becker; Southaven MS; ’65 Plymouth; Ply 440; 10.602; +0.102
50. 7050 NSS/B Kurt Neighbor; Twinsburg OH; ’65 Mercury; Ford 427; 9.364; +0.114
51. 7424 NSS/D B.J. Bax; Henley MO; ’65 Pontiac GTO; Pont 400; 11.647; +0.147
52. 7519 NSS/F Gene Will; Effingham IL; ’65 Dodge; Dodge 440; 12.684; +0.184
53. 7005 NSS/D Shaun Johnston; Millstadt IL; ’67 Plymouth; Ply 440; 11.697; +0.197
54. 7503 NSS/C Jon Landwehr; Higginsville MO; ’65 Dodge; Mopar 395; 11.221; +0.221
55. 7341 NSS/G Andy Hartline; Granite City IL; ’62 Pontiac; Pont 389; 13.226; +0.226
56. 7558 B/FX Don Bruemmer; Jefferson City MO; ’65 Plymouth; Hemi 426; 9.750; +0.2505
57. 7165 NSS/D Randy Spurgeon; Owensville MO; ’63 Dodge; Dodge 440; 11.857; +0.357
58. 7088 NSS/E Jason Wolford; Hodgenville KY; ’65 Buick; Buick 455; 12.358; +0.358
59. 7649 NSS/C Steve Stahlschmidt; West Alton MO; ’65 Plymouth; 11.387; +0.387
60. 7505 NSS/B Phil Cathey; Columbia MO; ’67 Plymouth; Ply 440; 10.922; +0.422
61. 7451 NSS/D Joe Johnson; Staunton IL; ’63 Dodge; Dodge 440; 11.950; +0.450
62. 7647 NSS/C Dennis Diepenbrock; Cuba MO; ’64 Plymouth; Ply 426; 11.523; +0.523
63. 7425 A/FX Scott Bourell; Cedar Lake IN; ’64 Dodge; Dodge 330; 10.032; +0.782
64. 7930 NSS/G Cody Mueller; Robertsville MO; ’65 Dodge; Mopar 400; 14.402; +1.402
65. 7518 C/FX Jim Hagenhoff; Holts Summit MO; ’65 Plymouth; Hemi 426; -0.030
66. 7263 NSS/C Mike Litzau; Baldwin MO; ’64 Plymouth; Mopar 440; 10.945; -0.055
67. 7557 NSS/A Rosie Kossuth; Catawissa MO; ’64 Dodge Dodge 426; 9.922; -0.078

Gass grabs second DDC championship

By Bob Wilkiewicz
Copyright 2014 by The Nostalgia Super Stock National Association
National Muscle Car Association Correspondent

MADISON, Ill. – At midnight on a soft spring Sunday night, standing side-by-side near the winner’s circle, Mike Moss said it a second before I did.

“Good things happen to good people,” said Moss, who had his own remarkable outing at the just completed ninth annual Dave Duell Classic Nostalgia Super Stock Nationals in its return to Gateway International Raceway during the Quick Fuel Technology National Muscle Car Association Nationals over Memorial Day weekend.

With his white ’66 Chevrolet Biscayne, Moss was 24 hours past his special Saturday, posting the No. 1 qualifying spot at 10.000 on his NSS/A 10.00 index and also winning the special award for best reaction time during class eliminations, posting a perfect 0.000 during his broken single final.

However by 11:35 p.m. Sunday, Kevin Gass of Ledbetter, KY had become the first two-time eliminator champion of the event, defeating Barry Dorn of Sanford FL 10.450 at 126.65 mph to 10.414 at 128.43 mph in an NSS/B 10.50 index heads-up final.

“Man, a two-time DDC champion? This is awesome!” declared Gass, who had maneuvered his red 1966 Chevelle through a 67-car field and a seven-hour rain delay to claim his second DDC title. Gass won his first DDC title at Beech Bend Park in 2011.

After going out in the second round, Moss had crew-chiefed for Gass to assist in the result. “I held the light, handled him the wrenches and mostly stayed out of the way,” said the modest Moss of Paducah KY.

It was an emotional journey for Gass, whose mother passed away six months ago. On the drivers side window, he had written the words, ‘For mother and Brad’ while in the winner’s circle.

Kevin and Kim Gass, who both work for Holley Performance Products, are among the friendliest people in NSS racing, always cheerful, enthusiastic and willing to help fellow racers.

For Dorn, it was a mostly successful outing in a new car, a ’68 wedge-powered Dodge Dart, which commanded a striking appearance in a late model yellow body color with a hood and accent graphics in black.

“I’m really a B-body guy but this one was so good when I came across it, I figured I needed to work with it and see what might happen,” said Dorn, whose event run got him to the top of the NMCA NSS season points standings.

Dorn reacted 0.067 in a semifinal bye run, his first uncontested run of the race but slipped to 0.109 in the final. “I needed to swap those two around,” he said.

Geary Bates of Winterville OH and his red ’67 Ford, battered by breakage in recent years, was the other semifinalist, falling to Gass in round six.

Jeff Frees of Hortonville WI and host Doug Duell of Newburgh IN, both with ’64 Plymouths, fought in the final of Saturday’s Opel Engineering FX Shootout, with Frees coming out the winner, 9.735 (C/FX 9.75 index) to 9.473 (B/FX index 9.50).

Duell said he was pleased with the event, which is named for his late father, in its return to GIR. “We had a good car count, mostly good weather and good management,” he said. “There was some tremendous racing by a quality field, especially on Saturday in the class runoffs. It was the right decision to come back here.”

“I got just enough good runs and just enough lucky ones,” said Gass. “It’s hard to express what this win means to me. I very much appreciate all the help and support from the entire NSS community.”

Saturday’s Class Winners

NSS/G 13.00

Winner; 7341 Andy Hartline, Granite City, IL; ’62 Pontiac; 13.226 at 100.91 mph
Runner-up; 7930 Cody Mueller, Robertsville MO; ’65 Dodge; red light, no time

NSS/F 12.50

Winner; 7160 Al Wilson, Bell Buckle TN; ’60 Plymouth; 12.640 at 93.59 mph
Runner-up; 7519 Gene Will, Effingham IL; ’65 Dodge; 12.492 at 101.62 mph

NSS/E 12.00

Winner; 7025 Doug Poskevich, Deland FL; ’66 Ford; 12.006 at 113.08 mph
Runner-up; 7500 Billy Copeland, Monterey TN; ’64 Plymouth; 11.996 at 110.54 mph

NSS/D 11.50

Winner; 7236 Kevin Miller, Newton IL; ’64 Plymouth; 11.510 at 115.34 mph
Runner-up; 7099 Ron Rector, O’Fallon MO; ’63 Dodge; 13.720 at 68.50 mph

NSS/C 11.00

Winner; 7817 Rees Smith, Greenville IN; ’64 Plymouth; 11.065 at 119.68 mph
Runner-up; 7410 Mick Alles, New Albany IN; ’64 Plymouth; 11.073 at 116.19 mph

NSS/B 10.50

Winner; 7017 Joe Ewing, Evansville IN; ’63 Dodge; 10.507 at 125.62 mph
Runner-up; 7572 Jimmy Ray, Atoka TN; ’65 Chevelle; 10.652 at 109.90

NSS/A 10.00

Winner; 7066 Mike Moss, Paducah KY; ’66 Chevrolet; 9.925 at 138.94 mph
Runner-up; None

Opel Engineering FX Shootout

Winner; 7691 Jeff Frees, Hortonville WI; ’64 Plymouth; 9.735 at 138.94 mph
Runner-up; 1 Doug Duell, Newburgh IN; ’64 Plymouth; 9.473 at 142.36 mph

Sunday’s Eliminations
Round One
(Winners of each pair first)

7031 Gass 0.064 10.566 at 123.58
7341 Hartline 0.099 13.069 at 99.33

7528 Kossuth, C. 0.116 10.626 at 116.78
7519 Will 0.089 12.776 at 105.89

7236 Miller 0.015 11.535 at 114.85
7518 Hagenhoff -0.034 9.774 at 136.50

7817 Smith 0.029 10.986 at 121.58
7503 Landwehr -0.013 11.246 at 119.77

7687 Dorn 0.127 10.729 at 120.82
7209 Gresham 0.202 11.180 at 117.75

7667 Pelts 0.002 11.632 at 100.04
7502 Brandon 0.026 10.100 at 134.42

7371 Hoffman 0.049 11.034 at 118.54
7557 Kossuth, R. 0.043 10.152 at 128.26

7381 Breeden 0.038 10.551 at 115.65
7014 Sanders Jr. 0.087 8.848 at 154.85

7022 Koester 0.019 10.629 at 127.67
7966 Campbell -0.007 10.581 at 124.75

7111 Frees, C. -0.067 10.649 at 121.96
7963 Rideout, S. -0.007 10.512 at 129.74

7955 Krueger, W. 0.039 11.078 at 114.68
7424 Bax 0.058 11.605 at 115.16

7228 Essary 0.063 12.085 at 110.31
7691 Frees, J. 0.083 9.827 at 136.94

7047 Bates 0.064 10.256 at 130.82
7647 Diepenbrock -0.006 10.696 at 124.46

7500 Copeland 0.104 12.120 at 106.39
7505 Cathey -0.011 10.968 at 106.11

7266 Sammet 0.206 10.589 at 125.29
7834 DeChicco 0.081 9.969 at 116.84

7747 Herzing 0.107 9.798 at 139.04
7427 Merrick -0.003 10.051 at 131.73

7426 Corda 0.031 10.481 at 127.07
7165 Spurgeon -0.014 11.645 at 117.03

7050 Neighbor 0.134 9.618 at 136.44
7899 Hopkins 0.083 9.524 at 122.54

7602 Schultz, Dallas 0.061 9.593 at 139.26
7008 Wolford -0.070 12.630 at 114.42

7601 Schultz, Dave 0.056 11.136 at 115.56
7649 Stahlschmidt 0.263 10.971 at 120.02

7270 Millward 0.001 9.860 at 137.29
7943 Rader -0.007 10.603 at 128.48

7169 Broyles 0.005 10.633 at 126.57
7930 Mueller foul, no time

7009 Krueger, J. 0.010 10.588 at 128.26
7212 Schooler 0.034 10.976 at 122.00

7122 Singleton 0.070 9.296 at 141.30
7967 Roff 0.105 10.022 at 126.52

7012 Netherland 0.000 10.568 at 121.79
7017 Ewing 0.039 10.554 at 126.80

1 Duell 0.040 9.648 at 121.47
7058 Becker -0.003 10.611 at 126.80

7464 Midile Jr. 0.028 9.530 at 143.23
7005 Johnston no time

7160 Wilson 0.218 12.391 at 99.30
7099 Rector no time

7800 Rideout, Khory 0.052 11.523 at 103.88
7263 Litzau no time

7410 Alles 0.033 11.053 at 118.00
7451 Johnson no time

7428 Davis -0.069 10.583 at 124.46
7572 Ray no time

7025 Poskevich 0.002 12.178 at 111.25
7425 Bourell no time

7043 Cochran -0.003 -0.003 9.718 at 134.77
7558 Bruemmer no time

7066 Moss 0.120 10.089 at 135.31 bye

Round Two

7371 Hoffman 0.031 11.096 at 111.68
7050 Neighbor -0.014 9.299 at 148.69

7022 Koester 0.046 10.688 at 115.33
7528 Kossuth, C. 0.105 10.697 at 120.38

7955 Krueger, W. 0.016 11.053 at 119.25
7066 Moss 0.097 9.983 at 131.52

7025 Poskevich 0.037 12.132 at 108.23
7111 Frees, C. 0.009 10.163 at 129.07

1 Duell 0.024 9.532 at 138.37
7800 Rideout, K. 0.133 11.429 at 110.42

7270 Millward 0.060 9.779 at 137.86
7236 Miller 0.019 11.614 at 113.87

7687 Dorn 0.031 10.669 at 115.40
7043 Cochran 0.321 9.792 at 132.37

7667 Pelts 0.078 11.450 at 116.89
7464 Midile Jr. -0.043 9.526 at 143.02

7500 Copeland 0.032 12.042 at 111.51
7009 Krueger, J. 0.070 10.487 at 129.24

7169 Broyles 0.049 10.646 at 120.29
7381 Breeden 0.034 10.715 at 115.60

7031 Gass 0.062 10.581 at 123.41
7228 Essary 0.099 12.073 at 108.57

7747 Herzing 0.037 9.779 at 138.53
7602 Schultz, Dallas 0.250 9.625 at 138.30

7601 Schultz, Dave 0.046 11.064 at 121.50
7012 Netherland 0.056 10.566 at 124.64

7426 Corda 0.029 10.601 at 119.93
7266 Sammet 0.170 10.560 at 123.85

7047 Bates 0.249 10.640 at 102.12
7160 Wilson 0.054 13.047 at 93.94

7410 Alles 0.008 10.985 at 116.63
7122 Singleton -0.012 9.313 at 144.04

7817 Smith 0.015 11.101 at 108.97
7428 Davis 0.122 10.615 at 124.89

Round Three

7747 Herzing 0.106 9.769 at 138.20
1 Duell 0.137 9.527 at 138.44

7427 Corda 0.063 10.526 at 123.92
7270 Millward 0.080 9.819 at 137.58

7410 Alles -0.118 11.149 at 118.05
7667 Pelts -0.066 11.481 at 116.21

7031 Gass 0.027 10.542 at 116.96
7025 Poskevich 0.020 12.085 at 111.63

7955 Krueger, W. 0.076 11.021 at 120.87
7500 Copeland -0.024 11.955 at 112.17

7687 Dorn 0.088 10.546 at 125.66
7169 Broyles 0.023 1-.648 at 118.98

7047 Bates 0.018 10.627 at 117.72
7817 Smith 0.109 11.067 at 118.70

7371 Hoffman 0.010 11.075 at 113.71
7601 Schultz, Dave 0.096 11.062 at 121.98

7022 Koester 0.017 10.579 at 128.91 bye

Round Four

7047 Bates 0.085 10.365 at 121.32
7747 Herzing -0.057 9.747 at 139.11

7031 Gass 0.049 10.445 at 128.96
7371 Hoffman -0.035 10.981 at 121.77

7687 Dorn -0.028 10.495 at 128.11
7955 Krueger, W. -0.006 10.980 at 121.16

7022 Koester 0.009 10.500 at 116.29
7426 Corda 0.066 10.500 at 126.65

7410 Alles 0.009 10.912 at 119.70 bye

Round Five

7687 Dorn 0.011 10.553 at 122.52
7410 Alles 0.145 10.985 at 116.82

7031 Gass 0.046 10.558 at 124.51
7022 Koester 0.035 10.571 at 126.30

7047 Bates 0.022 10.378 at 112.54 bye

Round Six

7031 Gass 0.128 10.516 at 124.35
7047 Bates 0.207 10.392 at 118.02

7687 Dorn 0.067 10.576 at 110.91 bye

Round Seven

7031 Gass 0.068 10.450 at 126.65
7687 Dorn 0.109 10.414 at 128.43

Drivers Dinner Photos

image image image image image image image image image image image image image

image image image image image image image image image image imageThe below photos were taken at the 2014 Drivers Dinner.